MongoDB Certification: Overview and Careers


Some years back, MongoDB introduced a certification program for database developers and database administrators (DBAS). The program’s purpose is to help verify the knowledge of concepts and mechanics required to build applications backed by NoSQL. It works for the benefit of both DBAs and developers as it helps them prove their expertise as well as the organizations seeking to hire and develop competent specialists. The MongoDB exams each cost $150 each and are all offered online through the MongoDB University platform for global accessibility.

How does the certification program work?

Currently, MongoDB trainings and certifications follows two tracks, namely: the database administrators and database developers. For each of the roles, there are three levels of certification: Associate, Professional and Master MongoDB Certified Developer. However, only the associate certification is being offered as the rest are still in planning stage. DBAs are confident in managing MongoDB as well as its run-time configuration, scaling, performance tuning, processes, monitoring and backup and recovery. Database developers on the other hand are skilled in a single or many programming languages and the linked MongoDB driver. They also understand MongoDB CRUD operations, schema design, aggregation, Driver API and basic data scaling.


On completion of the certification program, one becomes either a MongoDB Certified Developer or a MongoDB Certified DBA Associate. These certifications come in handy for IT professionals looking forward to build their reputation either as developers or administrators in MongoDB. Viable career positions associated with the MongoDB certification include Database Administrators, Applications Engineer, Web Developers, Visualization Engineer, Database Specialist, Data Analytics, Senior Developers and Database Server Engineer.


There is evidence to suggest that the demand for MongoDB professionals is high and thus gaining the certification is good way for IT experts to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. The certification program has flexible training options make it accessible to all interested IT professionals.

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