Who is the Six Sigma Certification for?

Six Sigma Certification is a confirmation of a person’s skills and capabilities in regard to specific competencies. Though it is a quality certification, it does not necessary mean that a person is capable of unlimited process improvement.

What is involved?

The certification involves acquiring the necessary knowledge on subject matter, passing proficiency tests and demonstrating hands-on competency. While the material used for training can be bought from any Six Sigma training company, learners are usually required to attend training in classroom sessions. Most of the time companies buy training sessions which involve different aspects of knowledge for each level of certification.

Levels of certification

Generally accepted levels are Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Belt, however some organizations have Yellow or White belts. Unless required by the company policy, an individual does not need a Green belt to get a Black Belt.

Normally, a Green Belt work on their Six Sigma projects as part of their job description while a certified Black Belt work as a project manager. The Master Black Belt is the highest level in this field. At this level, an individual trains and mentors others. In addition, Master Black Belts are involved in strategizing and consulting.

Who can do it?

Unlike most certifications, there is no single designated agency that lists a body of exclusive knowledge or a set of requirements for Six Sigma certification. Currently, there are more than a dozen companies offering training, consulting and certification. While the American Society for Quality Body of Knowledge (ASQ BOK) is almost universal, there are many variations to the Sigma body of knowledge that are more comprehensive compared to ASQ BOK.

Who is it for?

Just like you need a driver’s license in order to be allowed to drive, any person involved in process improvement need Six Sigma Certification. This helps an individual to improve efficiency and productivity. In addition, anyone who intends to be a leader within the quality profession and enhance desirability in the job market should undergo the training as well as certification.

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